Topic Choice: How do different machines (like airplanes and helicopters) fly? : The effects of air pressure

I chose this topic because i am interested in aviation and the effects of air pressure on the world around us.

Photos and Video links found:


video link:

Learning Objectives:

What causes airplanes and other machines to fly? What does air pressure have to do with it?

Do different machines have different ways of creating lift?

How do airplanes and other machines take off and land? What are the differences?

what are the different mechanics that help an airplane take off and land

How does thrust and drag affect airplanes when flying?

Are you partnering with someone?

Yes I am partnering with katrina

she is talking about the underlying principles of air pressure and I am talking about landing, taking off, and the physics in general of a plane’s journey


3 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. I like the picture of the airplane at the start of the blog. It is good considering that you have a topic about the effects of air pressure on flying machinery.

    To improve you blog you might want to make your posts more organized. When I read you first post, I got a little lost as to why you were asking questions but then realized they were your learning objectives. Using headers might be an easy way to organize your blog posts.

  2. Nice topic. If I were to suggest one thing, it might be to actually embed the youtube video in your blog post instead of leaving it as a URL.

  3. Pranal,
    This is a good topic. You may want to collaborate with Katrina since she has the exact same topic. You may want to split it up into how roles of the different parts of the airplanes at different stages of flying. What does the wing/tail/turbine do while take off, cruising and then landing? You may want to break up the presentation and hence blogging into two chronological parts if you both decide it is a good idea. You may want to checkin with Gareth’s blog from time to time.

    Other style comments:
    – Look and Owen and Claire’s blogs. They have embedded the video. Try doing the same. You have two http which makes the link unusable right now.
    – make sure you comment on other people’s blogs and accept other people’s comments.

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