Set of sources used on DAY TWO:

Webpages used today:

How do airplanes land? Pilots release their spoilers which increase the drag force to slow down the plane. This also decreases the lift force because the air on top of the wing is traveling at a lower speed which decreases the pressure difference between the top and bottom of the wing.

Interestingly enough, after pilots release the spoilers they also extend their flaps so the airplane doesn’t fall out of the air and has a more gradual descent.,d.cGEhttp://

This academic journal focuses on the effect of the spoiler on the lift of an airplane. Spoilers are placed on the top of each wing and extend upward to “spoil” the even airflow. The spoiler is used to create a stall over the end of the wing, which decreases lift. Spoilers are also to increase drag.

As the airplane is taking off, pilots increase the flaps on the back of each wing. This creates a larger curve on the wing, which creates more lift. The pilot then retracts the flaps when the plane is at its premium altitude, which makes sense as the need for lift is minimal.

Summary of Physics Learning:

From my research today I was able to understand the basic principles of how an airplane takes off and lands. I learned about a couple of mechanics on an airplane that help an airplane carry out these tasks, such as flaps and spoilers (which help increase and decrease lift). This was one of my objectives, but i want to go more in depth on this tomorrow.

Percentage: 25-30%

Surprises and Misconceptions in Learning:

From my research today i was surprised by how planes actually land. I thought planes just decreased lift, but it is far more than that. To safely land an airplane they must decrease lift because also counteract that by increasing lift so the airplane doesn’t fall out of the air. Also airplanes deflect exhaust air forward when they touch down to push the thrust force forward, which is turn slows down the aircraft (which i didn’t know).

Extra videos/pictures:

this video gives a quick explanation of the physics behind take off and landing


3 thoughts on “Day TWO

  1. It seems that you got a lot of learning done on your first day! I like that you have a clear explanation of what you learned from each site and that you used a lot of different sources. keep up the good work.

  2. After reading your post I was wondering what a spoiler is. You mentioned what a spoiler does but not what it is and I was curious to know about that. I thought the part about your misconception was interesting because I had a similar misconception. Nice work!

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