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The last thing I need to learn a little more about is banked turns during flight

When airplanes turn it is called banking. Most airplanes lost altitude and airspeed when banking because the angle of attack is changed and the idea that lift is nearly  perpendicular to an airplane’s wing. Airplane pilots counter attack this loss of airspeed and altitude by increasing  the speed of the plane. This increase of speed allows more air to be deflected downward which allows the plane to maintain lift.


After a week of research on the topics of airplanes and the causes of lift, I feel I have a strong understanding of the physics of airplanes. From the two hotly debated theories about the cause of lift, I chose the side of Newton’s laws because it made much more sense to me than the theory involving Bernoulli’s principle. Visualizing my hand outside the car window at a high speed clinched my choice as to the reason why airplanes can fly. As I increase the angle of attack of my hand, my hand flies upward. The reason: the amount of air deflected downward from my hand, creates a reactive force that causes my hand to fly upward.


What causes airplanes and other machines to fly? What does air pressure have to do with it?

I feel I am at 99% for understanding this objective just because none of the two theories have been disproven.

Do different machines have different ways of creating lift?

Didnt really focus on this objective as I combined my project with Katrina’s. However, many sites argument that helicopters are able to fly because of the theory based on Newton’s laws.

How do airplanes and other machines take off and land? What are the differences?

I was able to learn a great deal about take off and landing during my research. I understood the similarities and differences and I am ready to share this with the class.

what are the different mechanics that help an airplane take off and land?

Similar to the objective above, I feel I have a strong understanding of this objective.

How does thrust and drag affect airplanes when flying?

I focused a little bit on this objective because Katrina was going to focus more on this. I understand a substantial amount about this topic, but I will leave it up to Katrina to describe.

Overall I feel I am ready to present and all of the surprises and misconceptions I had at the beginning of this project are now gone, except for the confusion on what theory of lift is truly right

here is my last video

All of the physics I have learned is shown in this difficult landing attempt on St. Maartan, a island in the Caribbean

the pilot does a masterful job at one of the top 10 most dangerous airports to land at because of its short runway and close proximity to beach goers


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